Rated voltage: 4000-30000Vdc

Capacitance: 0.001-0.47uF

Working frequency: 10-30KHz

Working current: 5-30A

Double-sided metallized film inner string structure, special internal design and end-face gold spray technology,
Make the capacitor have low inductance, can withstand higher ripple current, high du/dv and high over voltage capability.
Low Equivalent Series Resistance Low Equivalent Series Inductance
Can withstand very high du/dt cost-effective,
Widely used in Real Way, Electronic Car, HV Power.

CategoryCapacitance(uF) Voltage(V) Materials CaseInstallation Application
PMS 0.001-0.47uF 4k-30KVdcPP FilmMyra Tape LugReal Way
Electronic Car
HV Power
BAM0.1-1000uF3300-4000VacPP+AL FoilSteel/IronScrewPower Grid
FFM0.01-100uF3300-4000VacPP+AL FoilSteel/IronScrewPower Grid
KTBM0.01-500uF100-2000VacPP FilmAluminum ScrewEMI