1. Do you have ISO certificate?

Yes, We have.

2. Are You Manufacturer?

We are capacitor manufacturer, specialized in capacitor engineering & manufacturing.

3. What are your products mainly used in ?

Power facilities, medical equipment, aviation facilities, railway equipment, automation equipment, power supplies

4. What famous customers do you have ?

Siemens, Hitachi, China power grid, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

5. What’s the lead time for your products ?


6.What’s your main field?

Filtering, Power protection, Snubber Protection, Resonance.

7. What kind of services can you support ?

OEM / ODM services

8. What’s the packing of your products ?

Cartons and wooden cases.

9.What are Capacitor Types?

1.Ceramic capacitors
2.Film capacitors
3.Power film capacitors
4.Electrolytic capacitors
5.Super capacitors
6.Class X and Class Y capacitors
7.Miscellaneous capacitors
From WIKIPEDIA:Capacitor Types

10.What is a high voltage capacitor?

The capacitor rated voltage range of these capacitors is from approximately 120 VAC (capacitive lighting ballasts) to 100 kV.

11. How long do you guarantee the quality?

1 Year