PULOM is specialized in the design, manufacture and development of industrial capacitors. We have been engaged in the supply of heavy industrial capacitors for more than 20 years, our capacitors are mainly connected with power grids, railways, new energy resources; Ranges from UPS, SMPS, EV inverters, electrostatic precipitation, industrial induction heaters, welders, solar and wind/solar power generation, medical equipment, energy storage systems, electric vehicles, motor start-up circuits. Our capacitors are able to adapt to a variety of DC filters, DC buses, power switch buffer lines, clamping voltages, high current DC coupling, high frequency resonance, ripple absorption, high pulses, energy storage lines, etc.


Power System
Medical Devices
Electronic Car
Heating System
High Speed Train
Wind & Hrydo System


Our capacitor passed IEC 60384-16:2005

Our Oil Immersed pulse capacitor 10KVdc 1uF passed IEC 60384-16:2005 Test

ISO Certificate Achivement

Another year updated our ISO certificate.