ISO Certificate

PULOM high-voltage energy storage pulse capacitor can be charged by a small power supply in a long time interval to store energy in the capacitor. During operation, it can emit nearly 104/CM3 pulse current and (1-5) * 103 VA/CM3 pulse power in a very short time interval. Strong shock current and pulse power can generate extremely high temperature, strong electromagnetic field and strong shock wave. It is widely used in electromagnetic ejection, laser technology, nuclear research, plasma technology, rocket technology, etc. At present, the energy storage density of high-voltage energy storage capacitors in the industry is 3 J/cm3. The technology invented by our company increases the energy storage density of such capacitors to 10J/cm3.

Company Profile

Pulom Capacitor is specialized in industry capacitors designing, manufacturing & developing more than 20 years, mainly connect with power grid, railway, new energy resources; range from wind/sun power generating, medical devices, energy storage systems, electronic cars, motor starting circuit…Our capacitor mainly for filtering, high voltage, pulse and resonance purposes:CBB series metalized film capacitor,aluminum electrolytic capacitor, ceramic capacitor,epoxy capacitor, etc. Most of our regular capacitors meet the requests of CQC, UL, CE, TUV, VDE, CSA.