PULOM KTBM Feed through capacitor and line impedance stabilization network are used for additional filtering,Threaded straight through studs will accommodate the power supply current of the listed ratings without heating or voltage loss. Table 2 shows the available current and voltage ratings µ F of various Solar feed through capacitors. All these features are low loss factor, high temperature rating, high insulation resistance, dual rated dielectric strength and long life. In order to meet the safety requirements, a discharge resistor is included in the capacitor, which is used to discharge the capacitor when the applied voltage is removed.


High voltage shunt capacitor for power AC filter and power supply protection,BAM is used as the capacitor of power system and electrical equipment. The intelligent power reactive compensation capacitor provides solutions for improving power supply power factor and improving grid efficiency. The main application fields are: factory power distribution system, residential area power distribution system, municipal commercial building, traffic tunnel power distribution system, box transformer, complete cabinet, outdoor power distribution box.


PULOM FFM the protective capacitor is connected in parallel with the vacuum switch. When the vacuum switch is switched to the inductive load, it can not only limit the switching overvoltage to a certain range, but also delay the rise time of the current cutoff overvoltage and reignition overvoltage wave head, reduce the steepness, thus protecting the insulation of electrical equipment from the impact of the steep wave front.It is used in 50Hz, 3kV, 6kV, 10kV and 35kV power systems to form a resistance capacitance absorber with a resistor. The capacitor absorbs energy to reduce the voltage amplitude, and the damping effect of the resistor attenuates the oscillation to prevent overvoltage; At the same time, do not limit the neutral point grounding mode, ensure that it matches the motor insulation level, and improve the power supply quality of the power grid.

PMS Series High Voltage Capacitor

PULOM PMS high-voltage capacitor is made of metallized polypropylene/polyester film by non inductive winding; Wrapped with polyester tape or special tape, and sealed with flame retardant epoxy resin at both ends; It has good self-healing characteristics and temperature stability; Dry structure to ensure safe use; We can provide various lead out forms such as tinned copper wire, copper solder, copper nut and copper bolt according to customer requirements; The use of special tape can prevent cracks in the insulation filler in high-voltage equipment, and avoid creepage along the cracks. The design of the product can ensure that no product ion current inside the capacitor can provide smaller products in AC and high-voltage pulse applications. Scope of application: high-voltage occasions, double voltage power supply for high-voltage mechanical power supply, high-voltage frequency converter, high-voltage coupling and carrier communication signal coupling of high-voltage transmission Voltage doubler rectifier and transformation lines, high-voltage circuit of large-scale electromechanical equipment protection and safety detection equipment.